Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Name: Emily Davis
Star sign: Gemini
School: I went to alot of schools :)
Location: Melbourne
Eye colour: Blue
Hair Colour: right now, its red :)
Brothers/Sisters: 4 Sisters

Been in a car accident? a few times :)
Been hurt emotionally ? yeah.
Kept a secret from everyone? yeah.
Been on stage? many times.
Been drunk? yeah, but those days are over.

Favorite colour? Red.
Favorite movie? A walk to remember and the notebook :)
Favorite drink? peach ice tea.
Favorite ice cream? Green apple.
Summer or winter? i like both for different reasons :)

Do you believe in yourself? yeah.
Believe in Angels? yes.

Do you have a boyfriend? nope. and I'm more then happy with that :)
Like anyone? nah.
Who have you known longest out of your friends? mm.. Danial or Jess probs.
What is the best feeling? happiness :)

Silver or Gold? Silver.
Sunset or Sunrise? Sunset.
What makes you happy? the people in my life :)
Rain, Sun or snow? sun or snow :)

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